it’s saturday night and only two people have registered

let me remind everybody what we’ll have:

  • a drawing for a large Sufferer necklace for everybody who prepays this weekend (before Sunday at midnight, 3/4/13)
  • $50 cash prize for the team that takes first place in trivia, along with kid pins, troll pins, and a skaia keychain for other winners (donated by the original cantownproject)
  • a silent auction for donated items, including art commissions, manga, anime, etc.
  • snacks! shenanigans! a music round! and of course, the canned food drive and building of a can town!
  • homestuck trivia AND general trivia, so all are welcome!

please invite your friends and families, and pay in advance.

we need a MINIMUM of 25-30 people attending, and if we don’t have 10 registrations by Sunday night, I have no choice but to call the VFW and cancel, which will drastically affect our ability to host promstuck — we will have demonstrated to them that we are not capable of bringing in the numbers we need.

remember that I’m already running an ad campaign on Facebook to target around 10,000 people who live within 50 miles of Collinsville, as well

please, please, PLEASE help me and don’t let this fail.


registration | event page

p.s. if you register but realize that you can’t go at the last minute, I will refund you, but please don’t sign up unless you’re pretty sure you can go.

we will accept cash at the door but we need to have $250-$300 when we show up on March 16th. seriously. I don’t want us to look like idiots who couldn’t get our act together, guys.