Detailed results for Can Town St. Louis’ ninth drive

(The Crockercake Factory - January 20, 2013)

Baking cups + toothpicks: 2 packages (48 cups)
Brownie mix: 5
Cake mix: 31
Candles: 4 boxes (152 candles)
Cans: 21
Cans of frosting: 13
Chocolate chips (bags): 1
Cookie mix: 3
Jello cheesecake mix: 1
Jello mix: 8
Pizza crust mix: 1
Pudding cups: 4
Pudding mix: 2
Sprinkles: 2
Other: 3
Vegetable oil: 3

Total items collected: 104
Weight of food items: 88.22 lb.
Est. value of donation: $113.81
Number of participants: 41
Avg. donation per person: 2.54 items

Results for previous drives WILL be posted soon; I apologize for the delay.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who participated, especially those who took on leadership roles at the event. Extra special thanks to Justin, a Taco Bell employee who chatted with Aubrey and me a few weeks back and brought a HUGE box of donations to work, even though he couldn’t attend the event!

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    -Punches the air- It was so much fun, AND we got to help people who needed it. Can’t beat that!
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