Sunday, November 18th, from 11:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Please RSVP on Facebook!


The City Museum. PLEASE BRING $8.75 IN *EXACT CHANGE* FOR ADMISSION! This was a huge issue at the Zoo due to my own lack of experience. We must pay in a SINGLE PAYMENT so I need you to all bring $8.75, exactly, in cash. I will not be able to make change for anyone! Thank you for your understanding!

DO NOT BE LATE. If you show up after the group payment has been made, the admission cost will be the regular rate of $12 (plus tax), and you will not get the group discount!


No grey facepaint, no horns, nothing too bizarre, please. Remember that we’re in a public space and we don’t want to be a nuisance to other attendees!


This Can Town meetup will be collecting for the Collinsville Area Food Pantry. Please bring green beans/string beans for Operation Greenbean. Remember, we’re trying to collect 400 cans by December!


On weekends, outside food is not permitted in the City Museum. Please expect to pay for your lunch, which seems to run between $5-$10 depending on what you get. If you can’t afford to buy lunch (and believe me, I understand) pack something that will be okay in your car for a few hours, and we can set up an outside lunch in the parking lot, I guess? As long as you keep the wristband on from the Museum, you will be allowed to get back in.

The menu can be viewed on the Samwiches website. Other snacks are also available at the museum — check out the “concessions" page for more info!


Street parking (at a meter) is free in St. Louis on Sundays, first come, first serve. Parking in the City Museum lot is $5/vehicle — and they only accept cash!


Shirts cost $12 each.

For those of you who missed out the first time, I’ll be placing another order that will arrive in time for our laser tag event. That means you have until December to save up! 

CAN TOWN ST. LOUIS IS MAKING ABSOLUTELY NO PROFIT FROM THESE! Gateway Shirts will be printing them; we need a minimum of twelve shirts to be able to submit the order. Please email cantownstlouis [AT] gmail [DOT] com to indicate your interest; include your t-shirt size and how you intend to pay.


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach me via email (cantownstlouis [AT] gmail [DOT] com) or send me an ask.

Thanks, everyone!


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    Anyone attending needs to know that if you plan on using I-64 E to get to the City Museum, you will have no choice but...
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    This is tomorrow! Please bring exact change. It’ll make it a LOT easier when we’re buying tickets.
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    reblogging even if i’m not from here because GOSH YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE LOTS OF FUN ALL THE TIME WOW :’D
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